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As well as home, investment and personal loans, we also have access to fleet discounts on new vehicle prices, and a range of both consumer and business vehicle finance options.

New Vehicle Pricing Discounts – How it works

We have access to fleet discounts on new vehicle prices through Macquarie Vehicle Select.

This service can completely remove the headache of negotiating with car salesman once you know what you’d like, and our clients typically save between 5 – 10% off the Recommended Retail Price of a vehicle.

Importantly, a saving on the purchase price also means automatic savings on GST charges and stamp duty, as these are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

Once you have identified the make and model of the vehicle you’d like to purchase and the options you’d like included, contact us to provide all the details and we’ll obtain and ‘all-inclusive’ quote for you. We will then be provided with the best possible price from Vehicle Select’s extensive network. If you are happy to proceed, you can then accept the quote and begin planning for delivery of your vehicle.

Important Note: If you are intending to compare our pricing with what you may be able to negotiate yourself, please ensure you obtain a detailed written ‘all-inclusive’ quote from the dealer(s) you speak to. This way you can be confident of ‘comparing apples with apples’.  Sadly, we have had clients turn down our best pricing only to find out that the price they were given at the dealership didn’t include everything they wanted after all.

Broker vs Dealership Finance

Seen the 0% finance or low rate finance advertised by car dealerships on TV?
Sounds like a great deal but you’re wondering if it’s too good to be true?

We encourage you to take a minute to read what’s really going on.

First of all, the 0% interest rate or low interest rate is real. It’s true, dealerships really are offering low rate and 0% finance. BUT, the cost of the finance is included in the price of the vehicle, in a practice known as subvention.

What it means is that when you obtain dealership finance, the car price remains at recommended retail price and is not negotiable.

We know we cannot match extremely low rate or 0% finance.

BUT, what we can do is important:

  1. Give you access to a highly convenient car buying service. You won’t even have to set foot inside a car dealership, if you don’t wish to.
  2.  Arrange a pre-approval for you BEFORE you go shopping for a car.
  3. Put the ball back in your court. By providing peace of mind about your finance through a pre-approval, you know you can keep the finance as a separate transaction.
  4. Give you a position to negotiate from. Keeping the finance as a separate transaction takes it off the table when you’re in a dealership. This means you avoid the ‘locked price’ situation outlined above. You can generally negotiate much more effectively as it is only the price of the vehicle in question, not how you are going to pay for it.

Vehicle Finance Options

We offer a range of personal and business vehicle finance options including:

  • Secured consumer car loans
  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Operating Leases
  • Finance Leases

Each option is slightly different in it’s characteristics, however the main benefits of vehicle finance (particularly for businesses) include:

  • It allows the purchase of an asset without a large outlay of funds upfront allowing you to get the car or equipment you need sooner.
  • The lease can cover 100% of the asset purchase
  • Assist with cash flow
  • Retain working capital for other uses
  • Can be tax effective (speak with your Accountant)
  • You can use the asset while paying for it
  • The lease does not usually need to be secured by other property
  • The asset can be for a new or existing vehicles and business equipment
  • Loan periods are usually between two and five years
  • The interest rate is fixed for the term so you budget repayments with no surprises
  • Finance can be approved very quickly

Talk to a finance specialist you can trust

Call 1300 391 787 today or complete our quick contact form

Talk to a finance specialist you can trust

Call 1300 391 787 today or complete our quick contact form

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