Karissa and Mark came to us for assistance financing their first home, after joining the family business one year prior. As often happens in family and small businesses, there were some complexities that needed to be overcome before an application could be approved.

Due a combination of salary packaging decisions that had taken place shortly after their commencement, the salary stated on the Letter of Employment did not match payslips, which did not match tax returns, which then did not match the actual amount being deposited into their bank account, making it difficult to confirm a definitive salary that could be accepted for loan servicing.

However, by working with Mark & Karissa to provide evidence of the 3 months salary to their bank account plus a copy of their rental ledger and a copy of the Company bank statement matching the rent being paid to the real estate agent, we were able to demonstrate that all income on the letter of employment, including the Housing Allowance, was in fact being received, and would therefore be available for loan servicing.

Their application was subsequently approved, and they purchased a lovely family home shortly after.

Here’s what our clients had to say about their experience: 

Thank you so much for your help with getting our family a home. Your knowledge and support made the whole thing that much easier for us, especially at a time for us where we needed that extra help.”

Mark & Karissa Roberts, Temora, NSW


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